How To Use Data To Make Your Fleet Greener

The challenges facing the environment have never been more widespread, nor have these matters ever been as prevalent in the public eye. The issues surrounding climate change have challenged us all to modify our behaviour in a manner that reduces carbon footprints and encourages practical, mindful operations.


So what does this have to do with your fleet? Well, reducing emissions from motor vehicles is a great place to start—especially considering the drastic effect carbon monoxide has on the atmosphere. Your fleet trackers can help you do this and become ‘greener’ in a number of ways. Whether it is maximising vehicle efficiency, assessing driver behaviour, or optimising your route options, our fleet management solutions are your first step in overseeing an environmentally conscious fleet.


Maximising Vehicle Efficiency

It might sound simple, but a healthy engine really does help make a greener fleet. An unmaintained engine will produce unnecessary greenhouse gases, so it is imperative to keep it well serviced. While this isn’t game-changing information, the vehicle data from our GPS fleet tracking just might be.  

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Fleet Complete’s Fleet Trackers are able to integrate with your vehicle’s ECM, or Engine Control Module, which is quite a complex data-gatherer in itself. Essentially, this is the place to look when you want to assess just about any aspect of your vehicle’s performance and efficiency. Our fleet management solutions make this much easier for you, providing clear reporting on vital areas that might be seen as underperforming.  Examples of this could be brake application pressure, throttle position, fuel delivery pressure, engine idling, or engine oil pressure and temperature, just to name a few.

Parameters for these can be individually set and the reporting can be customised to provide notifications against specific diagnostics. Once you are able to identify the areas of inefficiency, you can make the required repairs or modify the way the vehicle is driven.


Driver Analysis and Fuel Consumption

Reducing fuel use is at the core of making your fleet greener, but the inner workings of the vehicle aren’t necessarily the only place to find improvement. In fact, there is plenty of reliance on your drivers’ behaviour when it comes to ensuring economical output.

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Fleet Complete’s fleet management software analyses aspects of your driver’s behaviour such as braking, idling, speeding and overall driving style, which gives insight into the unnecessary burning of fuel. The ‘Trip Reports’ from our Fleet Trackers will provide you with the data you need to establish acceptable standards of output.  Setting efficiency KPIs for your drivers and incentivising them could be a great way to improve driver performance and run a successful fleet. Should you need to approach your drivers about changes to their behaviour, providing the relevant data might make for a more effective conversation.


Optimise Routes

This seems like another simple one, whereby less time on the road means less greenhouse gas emissions. However, working out how to do this on your own is not always so easy. Our fleet management solutions not only provide you with the most efficient travel route between pre-determined virtual perimeters, but they also provide you with a plethora of data to modify fleet efficiency.

Real time visibility of drivers through our tracking software will have you best prepared when it comes to the ongoing management of your fleet. Knowing how far away each nearby driver is to specific locations and their estimated time of arrival is very important for your business.

Fleet Complete’s fleet management solutions also offer historical data into driver tracking. Therefore, any ongoing patterns of route inefficiencies can be easily addressed to ensure efficiency remains at the forefront of your fleet will ensure you are able to continuously plan throughout your operations. Should any unexpected accidents or breakdowns occur, the on-screen data would leave you well equipped to find the most practical and efficient solution.


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